MS Baptist Health Systems – Jackson, MS – 8/12 – Current

Manager of Integration and Web Services, Information Services

In addition to continuing many of the duties from my previous position, expanded the role to include managing a cross section of personnel and related projects. Evaluated on fiduciary duties, ROI on projects, department level performance, and MBHS core values.

  • Responsible for managing a diverse, well tenured, and highly skilled team, currently consisting of an Interface Specialist/Oracle DBA with over 15 years of service here, the departments only .net developer, dedicated SQL Server DBA, and the organizations Business Intelligence Data Architect.
  • For the last two years, dealt with a shrinking budget, but managed to keep my portion under 85% to meet executive mandated financial goals.
  • Successfully migrated and changed over 200 interfaces in a system wide move to Paragon that replaced our HIS, Radiology, Clinical, Pharmacy, and CPOE systems. These were created on time, under budget, and without the aid of a contractor.
  • Developed personal education plans for team members that have put them on the path of various certifications the organization finds valuable.
  • Currently working on meaningful use attestation across two organizations with varying goals and MU levels.
  • Working with our interface vendor to negotiate the best price and package for a future interface upgrade that is planned for the end of this year.

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