MS Baptist Health Systems – Jackson, MS – 5/8 – 8/12

Interface Specialist & SQL DBA, Information Services

IT specialist entrusted to design and manage complex, high-risk IT projects to increase profitability, improve patient service, and minimize hospital risks. Charged with evaluating existing processes and systems and creating software interfaces between transcription services, insurance companies, and hospital personnel.

  • Analyzed and streamlined processes, automated manual reports and tasks, and utilized advanced software and systems’ functions to support organizational growth and improvement initiatives.
  • Built a HL7 to X12 interface to meet United Health Care requirements on electronic notification of patients. This process kept the hospital from losing 50% of potential payback from UHC due to a rule of notification within 24 hours of a patient admits.
  • Improved pharmacy data mining and reporting from a 24 hour posting delay to real-time patient reporting by creating a series of automated intranet based reports that can be exported directly into Excel.  Significantly improved accuracy of data and improved pharmacy’s inventory management and reporting.
  • Served as the technology lead for all IT systems and software integration pertaining to the hospital’s joint venture with The Rad Group, a local radiology group. Designed and created interfaces between the organizations’ systems that reduced IT costs, increased collaboration and communication between physicians and radiologists, and reduced the delay between patient testing and delivery of test results.
  • Maintained AIX servers supporting the Cloverleaf Interface Engine and AIX servers housing the Oracle backend for Horizon Meds Manager. Collaborated with external vendors to obtain all of the pertinent patches and hot fixes for the various systems to support optimized system function.
  • Collaborated with McKesson, external vendor for the STAR accounting system, to design and implement an inbound interface that accepts transcriptions and reports, thereby enhancing and automating the radiology reporting process.
  • Created a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface with a vendor, H2, and MBHS to send ADT related to the Nutrition Center. This allows for detailed, bariatric, nutritional patient tracking and support. There is an inbound component to this system that allows reports to be processed and stored by our reporting system as well.

Baptist Employee Advisory Team Member, a group of top employees selected by management to act as the “employee voice” in monthly HR meetings. BEAT members voice employee concerns, champion HR initiatives, and collaborate with executive management and external consultants to manage occupational hazard and work comp issues, provide feedback on hospital advertising campaigns, and participate in the hospital’s fundraising and PR campaigns.

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