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MS Baptist Health Systems – Jackson, MS – 8/12 – Current

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Manager of Integration and Web Services, Information Services

In addition to continuing many of the duties from my previous position, expanded the role to include managing a cross section of personnel and related projects. Evaluated on fiduciary duties, ROI on projects, department level performance, and MBHS core values.

  • Responsible for managing a diverse, well tenured, and highly skilled team, currently consisting of an Interface Specialist/Oracle DBA with over 15 years of service here, the departments only .net developer, dedicated SQL Server DBA, and the organizations Business Intelligence Data Architect.
  • For the last two years, dealt with a shrinking budget, but managed to keep my portion under 85% to meet executive mandated financial goals.
  • Successfully migrated and changed over 200 interfaces in a system wide move to Paragon that replaced our HIS, Radiology, Clinical, Pharmacy, and CPOE systems. These were created on time, under budget, and without the aid of a contractor.
  • Developed personal education plans for team members that have put them on the path of various certifications the organization finds valuable.
  • Currently working on meaningful use attestation across two organizations with varying goals and MU levels.
  • Working with our interface vendor to negotiate the best price and package for a future interface upgrade that is planned for the end of this year.

MS Baptist Health Systems – Jackson, MS – 5/8 – 8/12

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Interface Specialist & SQL DBA, Information Services

IT specialist entrusted to design and manage complex, high-risk IT projects to increase profitability, improve patient service, and minimize hospital risks. Charged with evaluating existing processes and systems and creating software interfaces between transcription services, insurance companies, and hospital personnel.

  • Analyzed and streamlined processes, automated manual reports and tasks, and utilized advanced software and systems’ functions to support organizational growth and improvement initiatives.
  • Built a HL7 to X12 interface to meet United Health Care requirements on electronic notification of patients. This process kept the hospital from losing 50% of potential payback from UHC due to a rule of notification within 24 hours of a patient admits.
  • Improved pharmacy data mining and reporting from a 24 hour posting delay to real-time patient reporting by creating a series of automated intranet based reports that can be exported directly into Excel.  Significantly improved accuracy of data and improved pharmacy’s inventory management and reporting.
  • Served as the technology lead for all IT systems and software integration pertaining to the hospital’s joint venture with The Rad Group, a local radiology group. Designed and created interfaces between the organizations’ systems that reduced IT costs, increased collaboration and communication between physicians and radiologists, and reduced the delay between patient testing and delivery of test results.
  • Maintained AIX servers supporting the Cloverleaf Interface Engine and AIX servers housing the Oracle backend for Horizon Meds Manager. Collaborated with external vendors to obtain all of the pertinent patches and hot fixes for the various systems to support optimized system function.
  • Collaborated with McKesson, external vendor for the STAR accounting system, to design and implement an inbound interface that accepts transcriptions and reports, thereby enhancing and automating the radiology reporting process.
  • Created a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interface with a vendor, H2, and MBHS to send ADT related to the Nutrition Center. This allows for detailed, bariatric, nutritional patient tracking and support. There is an inbound component to this system that allows reports to be processed and stored by our reporting system as well.

Baptist Employee Advisory Team Member, a group of top employees selected by management to act as the “employee voice” in monthly HR meetings. BEAT members voice employee concerns, champion HR initiatives, and collaborate with executive management and external consultants to manage occupational hazard and work comp issues, provide feedback on hospital advertising campaigns, and participate in the hospital’s fundraising and PR campaigns.

Saks Incorporated – Jackson, MS – Corporate IT 4/7 – 5/8

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Manager, Systems Support, Corporate IT 

Managed system support for the relocation of reporting servers housing online and flash reports for Saks’ distribution centers. Integrated new .net technology into old mainframe based systems; provided oversight of an entirely new asp based, received not ordered (RNO system); and migrated all existing logistics reports into a new server.

  • Spearheaded the development of an intradepartmental IT team to cross train on .net, asp, and VB technologies.  Developed training programs and led cross-functional training sessions, resulting in increased reporting efficiencies and real-time data collection/reporting for older technologies.
  • Reduced the cost of software upgrades and vendor purchases by negotiating more favorable pricing with existing and potential vendors.  Successfully reduced the price of a software upgrade from more than $1 million to less than $600 thousand.

Assisted in the development of new in-house RNO platform to automate operations and reduce misdirected merchandise between distribution centers.  Significantly reduced the annual cost of misdirected merchandise.

Saks Incorporated – Jackson, MS – Corporate Logistics 7/4 – 4/7

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Systems Support Manager, Corporate Logistics

Credited with reducing overall operating costs by $5 million by partnering with IT, operations, and executive management to increase operational and technical efficiencies as Saks’ corporate logistics systems manager.

  • Partnered with a certified Unix expert and an Oracle DBA to deliver 99% uptime on 12 AIX servers that ran Saks’ distribution centers. Provided comprehensive 24-hour system maintenance with prompt system updates, off-site testing of patches, and essentially zero business interruption.
  • Provided real time, meaningful, web based reporting to company executives.  Created an internal website based on ASP and .net to gather data from Oracle and DB2 back ends.  Replaced static reports with real-time reports and developed customized analytical tools for individual distribution centers and VPs.
  • Created and managed $1 million of capital budgets for the logistics department.  Collaborated with departmental staff and executive management to align and prioritize logistics initiatives with management’s strategic company vision.
  • Utilized process improvement initiatives to achieve marked increases in reclaimed productivity annually at three distribution centers. Redesigned manifests and automated IT processes to increase accuracy and efficiencies of inventory management for individual stores and for the distribution centers.
  • Led the successful deconsolidation of departmental resources after the sale of hundreds of Saks’ regional department stores and chains to Bon Ton and Belk.  Achieved issue-free transfer of warehousing and conveyor systems to acquiring companies, oversaw the transfer of large data volumes, and trained personnel on utilizing the new systems.  Trusted adviser reporting directly to the VP of Operations and entrusted to participate in every meeting and conference call between Saks’ and acquirers’ VPs.